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ProPulse Adjustable Pitch Propellers

ProPulse Propellers - Always the right Propeller
Maximum Performance
- Adjustable pitch
Maximum Economy
- Replaceable blades
Maximum Reliability
- 3 year guarantee
Lighter than Aluminium

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ProPulse Propeller with removable blade

® is a high strength composite plastic propeller with 4 high performance blades that are adjustable in pitch and individually replaceable if damaged. ProPulse® propellers suit most outboard & sterndrive brands from 20HP up to V8 300HP as detailed here. Prices range form $265 to $414 and spare blades from $54 to $71 (AUD)

Adjustable pitch - With ProPulse, you set the pitch yourself so that your boat performs at its best in all situations (e.g. for water-skiing, or when carrying light or heavy loads). With the correct propeller setting, your fuel consumption will decrease while your speed and performance increase.

Replaceable blades - If a ProPulse blade is damaged, you can easily replace it on the spot and carry on with your trip immediately. This is cheaper than paying repair bills or buying a new propeller.

Adaptable hub
- ProPulse fits all of the most common makes and models, which means that you can continue to benefit from its advantages even if you change engines.

Strong - composite plastic is stronger than aluminium. ProPulse is 100% recyclable.

Corrosion-free - Unlike an aluminium propeller, ProPulse is not subject to corrosion or cavitation damage. The finish will be "as new", even after many years of use.

Lightweight - The ProPulse propeller is 40% lighter than an aluminium propeller, thus reducing the strain on your transmission and gear mechanism, and ensuring your engine has a longer service life.

Manufacturing Quality - ProPulse propellers have been designed with the aid of the most recent hydrodynamic research. The use of 3-D CAD ensures maximum accuracy. We have placed a great deal of importance on strength and performance tests. ProPulse is a Swedish quality product that has been tested thoroughly, resulting in a 3-year warranty on the hub. View independent tests of the ProPulse propeller here.



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Frequently Asked Questions


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