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Olds engineering can meet all you commercial propeller needs:
Manufacturing  Repitching  Reconditioning  Repairs  Straightening  Balancing. Olds are the Australian agents for RICE propellers and nozzles - We also sell the ProPulse and PowerTech Range of Propellers
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Superior Propellers
- article from Heritage Herald Newspaper, February 2nd 2000
Maximising Propulsion Efficiency - article on Marine Propulsion

The propeller shop is kept busy making and repairing a wide range of propellers to our customers requirements.

propeller repairs and reconditioning
Full propeller repair and reconditioning service

In this Example of a propeller repair, we can see that tip of this variable pitch blade has been damaged. The preparations for the repair are shown on the left. On the right, we see all four blades of the Propeller - The repair has been completed.


bronze propeller

This refurbished bronze propeller, 74" diameter x 60" pitch, weighing close to 1 tonne is fitted to a 125 foot fishing boat of 460 tonnes. The boat, which previously worked off Nova Scotia now operates mostly in West Australian waters. It was put up on Brisbane Slipway and the propeller bought to Maryborough for alteration to suit a larger Engine.

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