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Mr. Peter Olds, Olds engineeringServing Since 1918, Olds Engineering has built a solid reputation for innovative engineering excellence from customers in Australia and internationally. With a diverse and successful range of products from the reliable single-cylinder Olds marine engines to Street and Garden Furniture and the myriad of replacement parts for every type of industry, the Olds name has become synonymous with quality and service.

From our humble beginnings, Olds has also served the Maritime industry and are proud to be Australian agents for RICE - world leaders in nozzle propulsion systems. As well as manufacturing propellers and associated marine gear, we represent other marine equipment manufacturers including Austral Propellers and Propulse adjustable pitch propellers.

Olds Engineering is pleased to announce a truly new method for vertically elevating bulk materials. The patented invention, Olds Elevator is considered a major breakthrough in bulk materials handling by many and is now proving its self here and overseas. This Olds technology is also being applied as a new precision, variable rate feeder with wide applications. We are now seeking licensee partners to join with us to develop, commercialize and market this patented new technology.

Building on 4 generations of experience, Olds' dedicated employees are share holders of this dynamic company and together our goal is to provide practical solutions for you.

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