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September 2010

August 2003 - OLDS introduces revolutionary Propeller
ProPulse PropellerOften, new boat owners find that their engine's performance has not been optimized prior to delivery. And for many, the boating experience includes a variety of activities such as cruising, waterskiing or even towing another craft. For each situation the ProPulse propeller gives the boat owner the ability to easily optimize speed, handling and engine performance and more.
The ProPulse has an adjustable pitch feature that allows the operator to optimize engine performance and improve boat speed and handling in just a few minutes. Its four blades can be set at different positions, increasing or decreasing engine output rpm.
Also, the ProPulse's blades are replaceable. An afternoon on the water can be ruined if a blade becomes damaged or broken. If this occurs with a ProPulse propeller, the blade can be replaced on the spot, at less cost than a repair. Also, the challenge of finding room to store an expensive spare prop is eliminated with the addition of one or two extra blades stored onboard.
The ProPulse is constructed of composites and carbon fibre materials that make it stronger and lighter than aluminium. Currently, there are nine ProPulse propeller models designed to fit a large variety of outboard and stern drive engines up to 300 hp, and each model carries a 3-year guarantee on the hub. For more information visit our ProPulse Page

Superior Propellers
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From Heritage Herald Newspaper, February 2nd 2000

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Article from "Lets go Fishing" magazine, January 2001

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