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Propulse Testimonials

1300 miles through the USA

“Hello ProPulse. I live in Chicago and discovered your propeller last year. I was skeptical I must say. But once it was on my Nissan 2 stroke, 40 outboard which was attached to my Zodiac Futura Mark II C, WOW!!!! What a prop! We could make our hole shot performance so insane that the boat didn't get onto plane it simply LEPT out of the water. Wave jumping in Lake Michigan became a whole new game. Almost no cavitation on even the most intense turning and leaping up a wave. Impressive guys. Never mind you can adjust the pitch and it never corrodes. Replaceable blades are amazing!!

It was a no brainer to use your prop when my brother and I decided to take our Zodiac boat from Chicago to Gulf of Mexico by river. We headed into lake Michigan to the Calumet river, then the Illinois river which eventually met with the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River is mad! A mile wide with wicked currents and it isn't just logs in the current but whole sections of tree. Needless to say we hit many, many an object. The prop came through with flying colors!! Didn't even break a blade! We headed East up the Ohio river, up the Tennessee River, down Kentucky Lake, into the Tombigee, the Mobile River, and into the Gulf of Mexico. It took 18 days and 1300 miles. We brought two extra blades and never had to use them! The only time I broke the prop was when the boat was on the trailer and I reversed into a Hummer H2.

I gotta tell ya I was thinking of that little prop spinning its brains out for 1300miles and thinking of you guys. I wish I had had the time to contact you before the trip. Put some ProPulse Stickers on the boat. What an advertisement. It survived an adventure cutting through the heartland of America. I did take a Nikon D70 DSLR digital camera and have great pictures from most of the trip. Anyways guys I have to go send some transcripts off, but again, . Well designed, executed, rugged, and amazing piece of equipment.”
Rogan Birnie, Chicago, IL

“I purchased my first ProPulse propeller about 6 months ago. I fish the shallow waters near Caladesi Island State Park in Pinellas County at least once each week. That means I have used the ProPulse about 30 times. I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that this is one awesome prop. The ProPulse gives me better performance than the aluminum prop it replaced. Better hole shots with less bow rise, higher top speed, yet lower RPM's throughout, resulting in LESS FUEL CONSUMPTION. For a shallow water fisherman like me, the very best feature of this ProPulse propeller has been that it is much tougher than my old aluminum prop. When you hit a rock with aluminum, your prop is bent, permanently unbalanced, and harming your engine until another $45 or more is spent on refinishing. When I hit a rock or hard bottom when running in shallow water with the ProPulse, the blades "bounce back", instead of bending or breaking. I normally would have my aluminum prop refinished and rebalanced about 4 times each year. My ProPulse is in great shape after 6 months of use. What a great prop!”
James Nolan

“My initial thoughts were that if the propeller performed as well as your delivery service (16hrs from placing the order to delivery!!) I would be very pleased. I have now tried the propeller and am very pleased to tell you that it is an amazing product! Quick and easy to install and adjust and produces far less vibration than a three blader! And yes, it does get the boat onto the plane very quickly. We have used a portable GPS to check speeds and they are incredible!”
A mail to one of our dealers

“Your prop gives us the best results of all that we have tried so far and your customer support is excellent.”
One of many emails

"We sail 200 hours per season and use ProPulse on our Buster XL with a 75 HP Honda. Thanks to ProPulse having adjustable pitch, we can take heavy loads and still maintain excellent handling at sea."
Steiner Johansson / Norwegian Sea Rescue

"We use ProPulse on both of our service boats. The boats are constantly on the move and occasional grounding is unavoidable. But with ProPulse we can change a damaged blade and continue to help visiting craft."
Peter Lindqvist / Sandhamn Harbourmaster

"We can give our customers a higher standard of service with ProPulse. It's always in stock for immediate delivery. We've also improved the performance on many of our customers' boats by helping them to set the correct pitch."
Ulf Jarlerud / Jarleruds Marina Dalarö

"We use ProPulse on a 17-foot Fletcher with an 85 HP Yamaha. Acceleration is much improved, which suits us perfectly for water-skiing, and the cruising speed has increased by 4 knots."
Peter Otteskov / Lake Victoria

"We use ProPulse when we compete in Swedish Trolling Masters and it's an advantage to be able to adjust the pitch for different types of fishing."
Christer Fransson / Trollhättan

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