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Education & Training

"The only source of knowledge is experience." - Albert Einstein

Since the early 1900's OLDS has not only been making great machines, we have been helping to build great people!

Facilitating practical learning for Engineers, Technicians, Work Experience Students, Trainees and Apprentices is the most important and rewarding activity. We consider our well trained People are our best 'product'.

Disciplines include:-

The training and assessment for Licenses To Perform High Risk Work with all classes of Steam Boilers, Turbines, Reciprocating Engines and Steam Locomotives is a regular parallel activity. Clients backgrounds include;- Engineering, Horticulture, Sugar Industry, Hospitals, Dry Cleaning and Commercial Laundries, Railway and Steam Enthusiasts.

Tradition Trade Training

Fitting and Machining

Fabrication and Boiler Making.

Engineering, Manufacturing and Repairs.

Foundry work - Pattern Making, Die Casting, Sand Moulding and Metal Castings

Work experience and Volunteers
Vacancies exist from time to time for work experience and volunteer placements in conjunction with Universities, Colleges, Schools, groups and individulas.

All the above areas need a commensurate and growing understanding in many disciplines including; applied maths, communications, physics and applied science. It goes without saying, 'In order to truly teach science, we must "do" science'. The underpinning knowledge gained by "doing" is the foundation to a growing understanding and nurtures growth in independent and creative thinking, good design skills and ultimately inventiveness. True knowledge is only gained through hands on experience by putting theory into practice.

OLDS is proud to be associated with many like minded people and organizations including the Registered Training Organization DTW Designs (Qld) Pty Ltd (RTO #31507). DTW Designs' ethos and passionate commitment to quality and excellence are second to none and their knowledge and expertise are exemplary.

"If you want one year of prosperity, grow seeds,
If you want ten years of prosperity grow trees,
If you want one hundred years of prosperity, grow people.
- Chinese proverb

"Learning by doing is the key".

Serving Industry over 100 years.

The first 'OLDS' marine engine was working in a boat on the Noosa river in 1908. William Olds used a treadle lathe (human powered by pedalling like a bicycle) to make this first marine engine when he was 17 year old. This lathe is now proudly displayed in our museum display. Propellers, bearings, glands and shafts etc. were also made for use with our own "OLDS" marine engines. Since these early times, we have continually updated and expanded our lines. Many close associations with other highly respected manufactures of Marine Engines, Propellers, Kort and Rice Nozzles, Bearings etc. have developed. Today, you can be confident the propellers and nozzle systems, engines and associated equipment, we can offer are the most suited and the finest available anywhere

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