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Published in "Vi Båtägare no. 6  1999"

In its first test, our new propeller with variable pitch was proved as effective as a standard propeller.

By Staffan Westerling and Lasse Genberg

ProPulse has every prospect of becoming an international seller. Our first variable pitch propeller is as effective as a standard propeller - and that’s more than sufficient cause to recommend it.

There is an endless list of compelling arguments in favour of ProPulse. Being able to adjust the pitch means that the boat can be driven at its optimum capacity, whatever the load. Furthermore, for the first time ever, the driver has a choice: lowering the pitch by a couple of inches brings down the maximum speed by a knot or so, but dramatically speeds up acceleration - and vice versa. ProPulse has replaceable blades, extremely useful after a boat goes aground.

Paying $56 for a new blade is a good deal cheaper than buying a new propeller. The propeller is made of a non-corrosive composite that is stronger than aluminium. It also weighs less than aluminium, although this may not make a difference to the ordinary boat owner.

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