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Although you may have the "best" propeller available in the world, if it is the wrong size for your boat and engine, you may as well say it is useless.
The staff at Wm Olds & Sons Pty Ltd pride themselves on their ability to provide superior application engineering. Providing a complete technical service, in conjunction with Austral Propeller company of Sydney for estimation of propeller sizes, Olds can analyse and compare various computerised propeller calculations.

This information, when combined with their long practical experience helps ensure the correct choice of optimum propeller size for each particular application.
Geoff Taylor of Time and Tide Charters recently fired new engines and propellers to his charter fishing boat 'Summer Bay'. Geoff wasn't happy with the performance of his propellers so he took them to Olds along with all the specifications of his boat and engines.
Olds reshaped and cupped the propellers and on a trial run Geoff estimated an increase in speed of about 2.5 knots and about 20 percent more power, giving him a new cruising speed of around 15 knots. Geoff estimates a fuel saving of about $20,000 over a five year period thanks to Olds.
Olds reputation in the marine field goes back to their earliest engines made for small fishing dories and hire boats.
Peter Olds said fishing boats just seem to get bigger and bigger as the years roll by.
Because of their long reputation, a wide variety of items are made and repaired for work boats of all types and sizes from many different places.
Propellers are cast and machined on the premises up to 40" diameter and many larger ones are modified and repaired.
Supply of larger and specialized propellers is also arranged from other manufacturers, such as Austral Propellers and RICE Propulsion.
Olds can cater for all your commercial propeller requirements from manufacturing, repitching, reconditioning, repairs, straightening and balancing. Contact Robert Olds on (07) 4121 3649 or fax (07) 4123 3590. Click here for the Propeller Selection Inquiry Form

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