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Nozzle Enquiry Form

Please complete and submit the data in the following form to allow us to generate a nozzle selection and quotation for your vessel.

Please provide the following contact information: * = required field

* Company Name   

* Contact Name   

* Street Address   
* City   
* State   

* Postal Code   
* Country   

Fax Number   
* Phone Number   

* E-mail   

Vessel Information:

Vessel Name   

* Hull Type   


Construction Material   

Overall Length   

Feet  Metres

* Waterline Length   

Feet  Metres

* Operating Weight   

Lb's   Kg's

Engine Information:

* No. of Engines    Single         Twin
* Fuel    Diesel         Petrol
Engine Make   

Engine Model   

* Max. Brake Horse Power (HP)   


* Max. Engine RPM at Max HP    RPM
* Gear Reduction to Propeller     

Nozzle Data:

* Propeller diameter      mm inches
* Type of nozzle      (example 19a)
* Material of nozzle   
Classification society   

Comments (Optional) :
Please include comments relating to previous or existing performance, operational requirements, maximum propeller size or restrictions, and any other details that may be relevant to the nozzle installation on this vessel.

NOTE : Nozzle selection and resulting performance can only be as accurate as the information provided by the Customer. Olds Engineering shall not be held responsible for unsatisfactory nozzle selection or performances as a result of incomplete or inaccurate information supplied.



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